Gaaaa!!! So much has happened since I last posted! Alright, where to start? How about with my new body art pieces?

I got 2 new tattoos done last Thursday to celebrate finishing my Master’s program. I got a handprint in multiple colors on my left hand by my thumb that represents my work with students with special needs. I also got a dandelion that had gone to seed blowing in the wind with ‘just breathe’ written in cursive on my right arm. This was especially important to me as it signifies my struggles with anxiety and depression, but also serves as a reminder to breathe and let go of the little (insignificant) things. 🙂 I’m super happy with both of them!!! Oh and I may have the next one if not two tattoos planned.

I’ve finished my thesis and my program learning presentation and have turned it all in! YAY!!!! So just waiting on final grade and the official end of class and I’ll finally have completed my Master’s program!

I did go see my doctor for a 3 month check up on my meds last Tuesday. Because my scores on the PHQ-9 weren’t as good as they should be (about a 9) and I felt as though I plateaued and still felt crappy, we upped the med. SO I’ve been working on adjusting to the meds with my sleeping and everything.

I have an interview this coming Wednesday for an advisor position within the school, which is exciting and frightening. I have never held a position where I worked with students who I didn’t case manage, but I truly believe what they are doing and want to be there to help guide them.

At the moment, I’m sitting in a hotel 2 hours from home, enjoying some uninterrupted TV time. I’m at a professional development conference on Person-Centered Thinking. Today was the first day, and with a small kerfuffle at the start (told me I had to go to the other side of building, but was really in the right spot, just wrong door), the day was filled with learning. A family that I got to work with this last school year, let me experience the PATH (which is a person-centered tool) and I just loved it and wanted to learn more. So here I am! The only down fall, is there is a parent there (the training is open to anyone) who constantly turns her comments towards the school/”the system”, and me being the only teacher in the room, she directs her comments (negative, like severely negative) towards me. I know I haven’t done anything, but it feels like I’m being attacked. She makes direct eye contact and points towards me when she references schools. Now, before you say it, no I’m not paranoid! The people at my table noticed and asked me about it. I’m a little nervous about tomorrow. We are being paired up, and I just know that I’ll be paired with her, and I don’t know if I could handle that. I have lost my flat affect face that I really master throughout the school year…as well as my mouth. I like to swear, especially when I’m upset. Gaaaa!!!! It’ll be okay…..right????

For now, I’m going to enjoy the me time and get some nice sleep tonight!

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