Hello all! It’s been a while! So since I last posted, I’ve gone back to work….at both jobs. I started back up at my part time job in August to give myself a sense of purpose again. I had taken a leave to regain myself and give myself a break, but in doing so threw off my schedule and I became lost. I’ve never wanted to be a stay at home mom, but that’s what I’d become. Many women (and some men) find pride and purpose in staying home, but that’s never been me. I like to be busy and stay active, while having some me time. It may seem selfish, but over the summer I realized that in order to be the best version of me, I need me time. So I started back there, working almost 40 hours a week until school was back in session.

Back to school has been hella crazy! We had homecoming the 3rd week of school and weird schedules for most of the first 14 days. My students were nuts, my paras were nuts, I was nuts! Now that homecomings over and done, we are trying to find our normal. This has been hard to do with a new program as well as absences. I’ve had to be gone for illness and to deal with some health concerns. But my students are awesome! And the whole atmosphere is a more positive one then I’ve really ever had in my 6 years of teaching. Despite the craziness, this has been the best start of the year!

Over the course of the summer, I’d found I was fatigued a lot. Not just tired, but full body fatigued. I thought maybe it’s just my lack of being busy and lack of leaving the house. Well, it wasn’t. I’m still working with my primary care doctor to figure out what is wrong, but the fatigue is still here. It’s too the point that I sit for too long and I will fall asleep. I did some blood work, came back normal. Did a sleep oximetry test, came back inconclusive so redid that. Waiting for a neurologist to call to make an appointment to deal with my headaches and for the results of my last night oximetry test and urine test. I’m hoping to find answers soon as no amount of caffeine helps in keeping the fatigue away. I don’t sit much at work for fear of falling asleep at my desk.😖 Looking forward to some results and answers soon! Till next time!

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