What would I do if…

This is the start of a question that I’ve asked myself numerous times. What would I do if I got fired? What would I do if I lost my husband? What would I do if…..

Most recently it has been, what would I do if I didn’t teach anymore? My first thought is that I would be happier. Instantly followed by but I’d be sad as well. The life of a special education teacher is filled with stress, more so than a regular education teacher. You are expected to be able to teach and talk about anything and everything with your students, and their parents. A bond is formed as you have the same students for years, such that you consider them your own children. So when something goes wrong, it hits you extra hard. You are a teacher, a counselor, a care giver, a friend, and so much more to the students. No wonder there is such a high burnout rate for special education teachers!

After events of the last month of school, I’m seriously contemplating my options. I know what I do is important and I love my job, but I’m starting to dread work every day. I’m in a funk and I can’t shake it. For now, I’ll still be there at school for the students, but next year is not guaranteed.

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