Or is it just my anxiety trying to avoid the inevitable? Or is it my anxiety trying to win over the depression? Or maybe…it’s all 3! When I get into these ruts (which happen A LOT), my mind starts to explore and wonder about so many things. Most of those wonderings and explorations are not good, not in the least. For example: why can’t I just show affection like others? Why do I have to bottle everything up until it explodes on whoever the unsuspecting person may be? What would life be like if I had stayed with this person or that? What if I left everything and everyone behind to start over? Why would I ever think that? How can you be such a horrible, heartless person?

See? Not good AT ALL!!!

But at the same time, I don’t want to completely shut off my thoughts and be numb, cause that wouldn’t be healthy or helpful.

How do you stop the anxious worring? How do you stop perseverating on insignificant information?

Yeah, and with that, I’m going to at least go to my room and listed to my book. Maybe I’ll get some sleep….hopefully….

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